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Airbus collaborates with Spirit AeroSystems to develop wings of CityAirbus NextGen

By Chris Stonor

Airbus announced this week it has signed an agreement with Spirit AeroSystems through its subsidiary for the development of CityAirbus NextGen’s wings, reports a press release. This collaboration will support “Airbus’ exploration of disruptive aircraft design while complying with the most stringent regulations.”

Spirit AeroSystems is to be responsible for developing and manufacturing CityAirbus NextGen’s wings in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The aim is to achieve a minimum weight solution while ensuring the highest levels of safety.

Jöerg Müller

The release explains, “The structural concept of the eVTOL’s fixed wings will be able to transmit the related aerodynamic loads while being optimised for the right balance between hover and cruise efficiency.” It adds, “CityAirbus NextGen’s distributed propulsion system will contribute to reducing the influence of air turbulence.”

Jöerg Müller, Head of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) at Airbus, commented, “The partnership with Spirit AeroSystems is an important step for the development of CityAirbus NextGen and its wings are key structural components for flight efficiency.”

Spirit AeroSystems is one of the world’s largest suppliers of aerostructures and builds on “years of manufacturing expertise in major aircraft components and architecture solutions.” Its longstanding relationship with Airbus “includes the provision of fully integrated wings and wing elements for multiple Airbus commercial aircraft.”


The CityAirbus NextGen eVTOL prototype is equipped with fixed wings, a V-shaped tail and eight electrically powered propellers as part of its distributed propulsion system. The aircraft is being developed to fly with a 80km operational range and to reach a cruise speed of 120 km/h.

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