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Airio and Walle Mobility announce partnership “to bring urban air taxi service to Italy”

By Chris Stonor

 Airio, a U.S-based software company and Walle Mobility, an Italian Urban Air Mobility service provider, have announced this week a partnership that will soon enable people to move around urban landscapes via fast, clean, quiet and carbon-friendly air taxi services, reports a press release.

Domenico Gagliardi, founder and CEO of Walle Mobility, said, “Airio is one of the ideal partners for airspace management. Imagine how to best handle not just 10, but 100 aircraft in flight.” He continued, “Due to Airio’s software, we can create intelligent flightpaths for our fleet, where the route instructions are sent directly to the craft and continuously monitored for precise trajectory self-corrections.”

Airio’s Intelligent Flightpath Navigation System uses sophisticated and proprietary mathematical algorithms to search, evaluate and create unique routes for each craft operating in a shared, low-altitude airspace. The system shares critical information with the on-board operator, a ground-based fleet manager, alongside other vehicles in the network.

There are no roads in the sky, so flightpaths must consider factors like the urban architecture, ground and sky traffic, vehicle capabilities, wind, rainfall, and even wildlife. Airio’s technology automatically generates routes by integrating these types of information into real-time automated assignments.

Michael Liquori, CEO of Airio, commented, “Domenico and his team have taken a leadership role in the emerging industry, and their vision for safe, smart and modern urban transportation is truly exciting.”

Walle is the first Italian company and one of “the first in Europe” to build the infrastructure needed for interurban and regional air mobility. A lot of systems must integrate to make this kind of service workable. With the aim of radically transforming passenger transport into and around high population areas, Walle is connecting cities and tourist areas with important traffic nodes such as airports and other transportation hubs.

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