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Blast from the Past: Rarely seen video discussion (32.44’) about Joby Aviation from early March

By Chris Stonor

 Watch this rarely seen 32.44’ long Zoom discussion about Joby Aviation between entrepreneur Reid Hoffman, Paul Sciarra CEO of Joby, and Linkedin Editor, Daniel Roth who is the questionnaire, where new information about Joby is raised and discussed

Those involved enthuse about the company’s future prospects as Hoffman discusses the SPAC merger of his Reinvent Technology Partners to bring the eVTOL company to market, while Sciarra effuses about the “low noise levels” of the craft and “the quality of that noise”.

Surprisingly, the video has only experienced 1,680 hits since its release on March 3rd, although one commentator points out, “I think you need to have Joby in the title, Ive been trying to find information on Joby and just stumbled on this.”

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