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Bloomberg interview with Joby Aviation CEO, JoeBen Bevirt

By Chris Stonor interviewed Joby Aviation CEO, JoeBen Bevirt, last week. Senior correspondent, Kyle Stock, asks the questions.

Kyle Stock

Typically, his first one is:

How do you feel about the term ‘flying car’ — does it bother you?

“That implies something that flies and drives in my mind. What we’ve tried to do here is to build an aircraft, which is really good at being an aircraft and that has capabilities no aircraft before it has ever had.”

Bevirt goes on, “…the idea of building an electric airplane that can take off and land vertically was science fiction. It’s been dreamt about for so long that I don’t think we fully recognize how much of a watershed moment we’re living through.”

Hopefully, the mainstream media (MSM) will soon ditch the term “flying car” and begin using the new description eVTOL. Anything ‘out of the ordinary’ takes time to sink in to the MSM psyche. Although, with the interview heading “How Close are Flying Cars?” there still seems a fair way to go.

JoeBen Bevirt celebrates Joby’s Stock Market Floatation

This 1,250 word article places Joby in a good light where the company CEO answers the questions succinctly and describes the craft’s low flight noise as… “that sounds like the ocean.”

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