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EHang a major step closer: CAAC formally adopts special conditions for EH216-S AAV type certification “for commercial operations”

By Chris Stonor

EHang announced this week that the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) has formally adopted the Special Conditions for EH216-S AAV Type Certification (Special Conditions), which was effective from February 9th and officially published on the CAAC website 13 days later (February 22nd).

The Special Conditions provides EHang with the basis for compliance and safety of EH216-S* AAVs, including flight performance, structures, design and constructions, propulsion systems, systems and equipment, data link and ground control station. EHang expects to deploy the EH216-S unmanned aircraft system in low-altitude passenger-carrying commercial operations in the Urban Air Mobility sector.

[*The EH216-S refers to the standard model for passenger transport in the EH216 series, compared to the EH216F model for firefighting and the EH216L model for aerial logistics.]

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