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EHang reacts “to terrible week”, organises “major investors day”, releases update on production facility

 By Chris Stonor and Philip Butterworth-Hayes

EHang has reacted to the recent Wolfpack report on its operation ( by launching a wide ranging public relations campaign to re-establish the company’s credentials.

Company Founder Huazhi Hu issued a lengthy rebuttal to Wolfpack’s “damning comments” yesterday. A major Investors’ Day is planned for June, which includes a tour of the new Yunfu Facility. Further details will be announced at a later date.

Upon completion, EHang says, “The Yunfu facility will have a planned initial annual capacity of 600 units which can be further increased to support the growing global market needs.”

Meanwhile, the EHang share price has recovered a little from a low of USD46.30 on Wednesday to USD61.19 today. Compare this to the high of USD129.80 a week ago.

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