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Embraer’s Eve, Kenya Airways partner on UAM future

By Chris Stonor

Eve Urban Air Mobility Solutions (Eve) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Kenya Airways this week through its subsidiary Fahari Aviation, reports a press release.

The collaboration aims to develop operational models for the wide-accessibility of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) to support Fahari Aviation’s key markets. In addition, this partnership is to establish “the co-creation of a foundation of concepts and procedures to safely scale electrical vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, also known in the market as EVA (Electrical Vertical Aircraft).”

Eve will support Fahari Aviation, the Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) division of Kenya Airways, to establish its UAM network and collaborate on the required Urban Air Traffic Management (UATM) procedures and UAM operating environment.

This partnership will also allow Fahari Aviation to support Eve’s aircraft and product development process “which will help guide the integration of UAM with Kenya Airways’ overall operations.”

Andre Stein, President & CEO of Eve, commented, “We are thrilled to partner with Kenya Airways to provide new forms of air mobility throughout the region for both people and goods. The creation of disruptive and widely accessible Urban Air Mobility solutions will help democratise mobility by making it more accessible, affordable and giving communities more options.” Adding, “This partnership will foster long-term mobility strategies throughout the country and region.”

Allan Kilavuka

Allan Kilavuka, Group Managing Director and CEO of Kenya Airways, said, “Fahari Aviation is at the forefront of exploring advanced technologies, with a key focus in aviation, starting with drone technology. With this partnership, we look to develop innovative air mobility solutions for our clients in Kenya and throughout the region.”

The release explains that this “partnership will deliver a robust strategy to provide Fahari Aviation’s passengers with a sustainable, accessible, and affordable transportation option. It is estimated that using UAM from the airport to downtown, EVA can reduce conventional road trips by up to 90 percent turning an hour and a half ride into a 6-minute flight.”


Fahari Aviation is a member of the Sky Team Alliance and a leading African airline flying to 41 destinations worldwide, 34 of which are in Africa, and carries over four million passengers annually.

In 2020, it was named Africa’s Leading Airline by the World Travel Awards. It continues to modernise its fleet, with its 32 aircraft being some of the newest in Africa. This includes its flagship B787 Dreamliner aircraft.

Fahari’s initial focus will be the application of drone technology in training, operations, and traffic management with a view to growing into maintenance distribution and design and production of drones.

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