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eVTOLs to fly you across London in 12 minutes, fare “as cheap as Uber”

By Chris Stonor

The mainstream media continues its positive publicity assault on  eVTOLs with the UKs Daily Express being the latest to sing the industry’s praises.

The articles begins, “Martin Warner hopes his six-seater Y6S Plus craft will be making short trips within two years. The millionaire entrepreneur says the 125mph air cab will carry a full load of passengers for as little as £100.”

It turns out his firm, Autonomous Flight, hopes to begin taking pre-orders for these “eVTOL shuttles” next month.

Martin Warner

Warner who describes the move as an “exciting announcement” explained, “We are edging ever closer to a reality where drones will become a regular mode of transport in cities. We are years away from this reality, not decades.”

He aims to have the Y6S Plus, which has six rotors and would travel up to 100 miles on a single charge, ready by 2024.

This is a development of the firm’s two-seat Y6S prototype, initially with a pilot, but intended to be fully autonomous once the technology is approved and safe. Up to nine London routes are planned, including a 12-minute hop between Heathrow Airport and Charing Cross. Three craft would serve each route and cities such as Manchester and Liverpool are earmarked too.

A spokesperson commented, “This will be a very affordable way to travel. An air taxi for a typical 12-minute flight in a city like London will eventually come down to about £100 for a group of six, similar to a high-end Uber fare.”

Warner, added, “The past 12 months have been marked by key company milestones and we are taking that bold step from concept, to prototype and eventual deployment.” He continued, “Governments and larger companies clearly see the growth potential on offer and there is now a race to become a global leader in urban air mobility.”

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(News Source: https://www.express.co.uk/)

(Images: Autonomous Flight)

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