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French start-up showcases USD900,000 hydrogen-powered flying race car at CES 2022, capable of speeds up to 155mph

By Chris Stonor

Last week’s Las Vegas CES 2022 kick-started the New Year with a plethora of new tech-based start-up companies that made futurists froth at the mouth, where flying cars, drones and eVTOLs featured.

One example being a French company who highlighted its first piloted Formula 1 flying car called the MACA CARCOPTER, reports luxurylaunches.com. Flying racing cars are not new. Airspeeder and Alauda Aeronautics are viewed as pioneers of this exciting new market, but this Australian-based company now has competition from France.

Some might say the CARCOPTER is similar-looking to the Airspeeder Mk3, but given Formula 1 racing cars look almost identical to each other, this is of no surprise. However, unlike Airspeeder, the MACA S11 is not powered by a conventional battery but a hydrogen fuel cell.

Maca Flight’s booth at the CES had a 1/3-scale model of the S11, which gave an idea of how it’ll look when the final version is built. The company planned to offer an augmented reality experience at the tech show to “feel the power and excitement of autonomous flight over a broad variety of landscapes and terrains.” Unfortunately, due to a major outbreak of Covid Omicron, no visitors were allowed at CES this year, instead you could experience it by sitting at home and scanning a QR code on the company website.

The S11 features three pairs of electrically-powered rotors, one pair in the front and two at the back.  It is planned to trial this flying car on racing test tracks with the Carcopter flying just a few feet above the ground like the pod-racers from the film Star Wars.

Measuring 23 ft, the Carcopter has a metal chassis and a frame made of carbon, linen and wood to make it more lightweight. Maca says the S11 racers will be able to reach speeds of up to 155mph with sensors fitted to avoid collisions with other racers. While the S11 features a cockpit with a transparent canopy, it’s still not ready to carry passengers on board. According to the company, the S11 will be ready to hit the market by June 2023 and carry a price tag of around USD900,000.

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(News Source: https://luxurylaunches.com)

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