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How does the mainstream media view “Flying Cars”?

By Chris Stonor

 A bane when writing about Urban Air Mobility is what do you call these future passenger-carrying stars of the sky? No-one seems to know. It varies from one publication to another. The mainstream media (MSM) usually refers to such aircraft as “flying cars” which is like calling a football a balloon. They are both round and can be kicked into the air, but that is where the similarities end.

Urban-Air Port

So, when the BBC Website published a major feature article on the UAMN subject two weeks ago and headed it, “You may be able to book a flying taxi within three years”, this was, indeed, refreshing to see. Perhaps, “Flying Taxi” will stick as it seems the most appropriate title and one which the public can more easily identify with compared to the more clumsy eVTOL or E-V-TOL as Vertical Aerospace CEO, Stephen Fitzpatrick, refers to his VA-X4 aircraft.

Unfortunately, the MSM still use the rather ridiculing Jetsons cartoon analogy. Perhaps, it is a case of gently easing the public towards something new without frightening them too much?

Meanwhile, BBC business reporter, Bernd Debusmann Jr, has carried out some decent research for this feature, where he focuses on Joby Aviation and Urban-Air Port.

Well worth a read.

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