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Israel: Urban Aeronautics secures USD10 million advance for CityHawk VTOL

By Chris Stonor

The Israeli-based Urban Aeronautics was delighted to announce this week that the company has secured a USD10 million advance to further develop its CityHawk, reports a press release. The funds will be used to evolve its hydrogen-fuelled Fancraft technology for its latest CityHawk craft for inner-city air charter and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) flights.

The release says, “The new funds come after the latest successful test flights for the company’s tech demonstrator in early July, showcasing the CityHawk’s capabilities for smooth vertical takeoff, landing, and short-distance flight in wind conditions, which is a key step on the path to commercial production for inner-city air travel.” Private investors from the USA, Brazil and Israel participated in the investment round.

Emergency Medical Services

The CityHawk is a car-sized VTOL designed for multiple trips within a city per day with zero emissions and minimal noise. The release continues, “(It) has more in common with the birds who nest upon the rooftops of skyscrapers than with nearly every other eVTOL prototype in existence.” The CityHawk is intended for commercial air charters as well as EMS and is fuelled by hydrogen.

Urban Aeronautics is currently raising a Series A round of at least USD100 million. The aerospace company, which was founded in Israel in 2006, has been under new leadership following the appointment of Nimrod Golan-Yanay to CEO in October 2020 and has achieved several milestones in the last year, including:

The unveiling of a sleek new exterior design of CityHawk, featuring a svelte, compact shape for the wingless VTOL.

partnership with California-based Hypoint to adapt hydrogen-fuel-cell technology for aviation.

A pre-order from Hatzolah Air for four CityHawk VTOLs for ambulance use.

: Impact study agreements with Skyports to study the infrastructure needed for vertiports in major urban hubs in the Middle East, as well as how vertiports can be designed to better support a hydrogen-fueled air fleet.

Nimrod Golan-Yanay

Nimrod Golan-Yanay, Urban Aeronautics CEO, commented, “While we know that the vigorous testing and regulatory compliance that comes with any new aviation technology is still in development across the globe, we are extremely excited and bolstered by the milestones we’ve achieved in recent months that show how ideally suited CityHawk is for practical applications right within the city itself.”


Urban Aeronautics has over 300 successful test flights of its prototypes, which have been in development since 2006. The company has committed to 100 percent hydrogen power for its entire product line. With leading aerospace and infrastructure technology partnerships already in place, Urban Aeronautics expects CityHawk air charter and ambulance vehicles to be in full commercial production within the next few years.

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