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Joby accelerates further away from eVTOL pack: “The first to fly over a U.S city?”

By Chris Stonor

Twitter was all-aflutter over the weekend when news broke that Joby Aviation has been given FCC approval from San Francisco International Airport (SFO) for a flight over its city.

The No.1 Joby news bloodhound, a Sherlock Holmes of social media with the username, Joby-Aviation-Fan (JAF), tweeted out early Saturday morning (UK time), “BREAKING – THIS IS HUGE!! JOBY RECEIVES FCC APPROVAL FOR SFO FLIGHT: You heard it first from @JobyInvestor, because have been tracking every hour!!”

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The Joby thread exploded into life as other fans, mainly company shareholders, joined in the excitement. You Tour tweets, “Currently letting our network know about Joby as it looks like the next Tesla. 10-100x from here.” JAF adds, “This will bring ton of media & investors’ attention.”

Oscar Galovich points out, “Nice! They still need approval from the FAA and city authorities?” JAF responds, “Yes, But the critical one is FCC given the radio operation to control the Aircraft. Rest of the approvals for sure either approved or in final stages!”

Joby Aviation aim “to conduct dramatic eVTOL flights” over San Francisco Bay

These “potential” approvals come as part of Joby Aviation’s aim to fly across the San Francisco Bay Area. The company is presently seeking permission for a series of high-profile flights. The trials, to be carried out over water, would be the first in full view of the public and one of the first in an urban environment. Flying over the city is the next obvious step.

Given the JOBY share price is languishing at USD3.81, having fallen from its USD10 float price last August, it is not surprising company shareholders are excited.

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