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Mainstream Media interest in drones, eVTOLs gathers apace

By Chris Stonor

Interest in drones and eVTOLs is gathering apace as more and more articles and features are appearing in both the mainstream and specialist media.

A favourite outlet of UAMN is and this week it comes up trumps with a popular topic: “10 Unique eVTOL Aircraft That Do Things Very Differently”.

Journalist, Loz Blain, another favourite of UAMN, features 10 wonderful and whacky eVTOL creations which touch on William Heath Robinson’s imagination, in particular the one-person flying Zeva.

This is a fun and well-researched feature worthy of a lazy Sunday morning read on your tablet. Other creations featured include the Cyclocar, LEO Flying Car, Overair Butterfly and Box-Wing Vertiiia.

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