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Manta Aircraft: Latest interview with company Co-Founder/CEO, Lucas Marchesini (in English)

By Chris Stonor

UAMN has been closely following the development of Manta Aircraft for close on a year. Along with other new VTOL start-ups, the company’s vision is not only exciting, but innovative and visionary.

Lucas Marchesini, the co-Founder and CEO of Manta, has a Masters degree in Aeronautical Engineering, where his first creation, a light aircraft, was designed and built before he even graduated from University. After working at Pilatus Aircraft, he developed his expertise and knowledge via cutting-edge industries including Formula 1. His first passion has always remained aircraft.

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Below is an interview carried out by D3 co-Founder Tim Krieglstein, who is a serial entrepreneur and start-up investor specialist. The interview is in English. Not surprisingly, Krieglstein has invested recently in Manta. Marchesini explains why Manta is using a hybrid power system for its craft rather than all-electric.

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