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Read Feature: Mainstream Media continues to highlight eVTOL industry

By Chris Stonor

As discussed in previous UAMN articles this new year, the mainstream media (MSM) is increasingly highlighting the eVTOL industry as never before. This time it is the UKs Daily Mail to publish a major feature on the subject following on from a previous major feature only the previous week.

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The Daily Mail attracts one of the world’s largest number of monthly website pageviews (eg. 518 million last July), 1.5x more than its nearest UK rival, while selling close to one million newspapers a day.

This latest feature highlights the Bellwether Industries’ Volar ‘hypercar’ which the manufacturer states “will reach speeds of 135 mph while flying at 3,000 ft.” The craft is aimed at private owners and allows for inner-city transportation. The company is quoted as saying, “We believe that people commuting in the sky is inevitable within the next 10 years.”

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