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Read FREE 38-page report: “Droneport design and development framework”

By Chris Stonor

Subtitled “It will be business as usual for drones by 2030”, this FREE 38-page report is a well-researched and very informative read. Compiled by Urban Air-Port, Connected Places Catapult and the Met Office, it offers in great detail, “A need for guidance – particularly from local authorities – on where last mile Droneports (Vertiports) may be located, and the design and planning requirements for such sites, particularly for those providing a service for a variety of users.” The report adds, “Globally, there is currently no known guidance for such design and developments.”

It continues, “The Droneport design and development framework provides guidance to designers, engineers, investors, local authorities and all stakeholders, on best practice in developing Droneport solutions and is an essential guide to the development of infrastructure for commercially viable drone services across the UK.” Adding, “The Framework has been developed in collaboration with industry and a number of local authorities drawing upon their experience.”

Henry Tse

Henry Tse, Executive Director of New Mobility Technologies/Connected Places Catapult, commented, “In order to enable commercially viable drone delivery services in our towns, cities and rural areas, a Droneport Design and Development Framework has been formulated. A first-of-kind guidance document.”

The report explains what a droneport is and the aircraft types which can use it, as well as guidance on initial planning, the legislation aspect, design and site selection. Other areas include aviation regulations; stakeholder management; environmental factors; emergency management; and the all-important construction guidelines.

This is a must-read for all local authorities, in particular, who will play a vital role in the roll-out of the impending fourth industrial revolution in the UK. Not only do such authorities require to be educated, but also inspired and assisted at this early stage. This report is an excellent beginning.

A must read.

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