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Roland Berger interview with Wisk CEO and Company Communications Lead

By Chris Stonor

Research Group, Roland Berger’s, Manfred Hader and Stephan Baur, interviewed Wisk’s CEO, Gary Gysin, and Communications Lead, Chris Brown, this week.

Gary Gysin

Under the heading, “How autonomous Urban Air Mobility will allow the industry to scale”, the interview opens with an initial paragraph:

“Urban Air Mobility manufacturers regularly face the challenge to argue how research, development, and certification costs of approximately USD 2 billion per certified aircraft should be financially attractive and reasonable. To answer this question, we spoke with Gary Gysin, CEO of Wisk, and Chris Brown, Communications Lead at Wisk. According to both, aircrafts need to become autonomous in order to reduce costs and allow attractive returns on investment from operation onward.”

Chris Brown

There is no mention of Wisk’s ongoing litigation with Archer, which is, perhaps, a sensible move.

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