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Rumour Mill: EHang “allegedly to launch” new AAV with 400 km range, 10 Xs more than present 216

By Chris Stonor

Chinese AAV producer, EHang, is to launch an electric aircraft with a range that could exceed 400 kilometres, ten times that of its current flagship EHang 216, alleges

The company trialled its EHang 216 in the U.S last January, a craft powered by 16 electric rotors capable of flying along a predetermined route at 128 kilometres per hour. It weighs around 272 kilograms and can carry cargo or passengers. Up to now, EHang has been using the 216 primarily for sightseeing tours.

If this long range AAV does launch, it will be superior to its eVTOL competitors like Joby Aviation.

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If the rumour mill is true, EHang are fighting back after its “frightful February” when the company’s share price plummeted by 62.7 percent in one day, losing USD4.1 billion in market value after a “damning report” from American financial research analyst Wolfpack. Since, the shares have continued to fall and now reside at USD35.21 after reaching a high of USD129.80 less than a month ago.

Alleged Design For New EHang AAV

The rumour mill may have been “tickled” two weeks ago by a tweet from Xin Gou@chineseflyer, who reposted two images that appeared on Chinese social media claiming to be that of a new Ehang craft design.

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