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TNMT “AAM Investment Dashboard” for eVTOL industry “movers and shakers”

By Chris Stonor

TNMT is a research and analyst company that describes itself as “the industry deep dive for all who work at the forefront of digital innovation in the context of travel and mobility.”

The company prides itself on producing “unconventional, data-driven market intelligence on the most relevant trends in Travel and Mobility Tech” while “revealing the driving forces behind the radical shifts affecting our industry.”

TNMT’s latest foray is what it calls “The Advanced Air Mobility Investment Dashboard” – an investment tracker across the key building blocks “ in the AAM  ecosystem.” 

Looking at the graphs and information below, TNMT’s analysis “provides immediate and up-to-date information on the top-funded startups, most active investors, and hottest startup locations in the context of AAM.” The data is drawn from credible sources such as Pitchbook and updated at least once a month. Major funding events are updated instantly.

TNMT explains that its AAM ecosystem not only refers to transport services related to passenger-focused air taxis but also cargo, and hybrid drones. In the company’s recent research reports covering the AAM market, TNMT illustrated how this ecosystem is rapidly expanding with numerous partnerships being formed between various stakeholders within the industry. Most of the active players relate to one of the five AAM building blocks: (1) VTOL vehicles, (2) MRO services, (3) Flight operations, (4) Infrastructure providers, and (5) Digital interfaces.

The “AAM Investment Dashboard” is currently focused on tracking investments in startups that are active within the development and manufacturing of passenger eVTOL vehicles aka air taxis. However, over time, TNMT aims to expand the scope and capture hybrid and cargo drones as well as startups from the other AAM building blocks.

The company says, “Worth highlighting at this point in time is the ranking of the top-funded air taxi startups. This section is especially relevant in the current debate about the commercial readiness of air taxi manufacturers as most industry experts agree that significant capital requirements (USD700+ million) are needed to enable successful development, certification, and commercialisation of eVTOL services.”

And concludes, “As the ranking shows, only a few companies have reached this threshold so far.”

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