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Watch Latest Video: Joby Aviation “shows off” full flight profile of eVTOL Aircraft from takeoff to landing

By Chris Stonor

Joby Aviation posted a new video last week showing off the full flight profile of its eVTOL Aircraft from vertical takeoff to landing, reports a company YouTube release.

The two and a half minute footage shows the craft transitioning from a hover into forward, wing-borne flight before it decelerates on final approach into a hover and vertical landing. A Joby spokesperson, commented, “It’s a bit like a cross between a helicopter and a traditional airplane.”

The video has been released in advance of the August 5th Extraordinary General Meeting of shareholders to approve Joby’s merging with Reinvent Technology Partners expected to generate USD1.6 billion via a Stock Market floatation to support Joby’s efforts to certify and commercialise its fully electric air taxi.

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