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WATCH VIDEO: “Bezinga exclusive interview with Vertical Aerospace CEO, Stephen Fitzpatrick”

By Chris Stonor

The publicity is flowing for Vertical Aerospace (VA) as the company gears up for its SPAC merger with Broadstone Acquisition Corp, leading to a floatation on the New York Stock Exchange towards the end of the year, at a valuation of USD2.2 billion supported by 1,350 aircraft pre-orders.  No-other eVTOL company comes close to such a sales figure. Also, the company has the brilliant Stock Market ticker symbol EVTL.

Below is an excellent and informative 26 minute recent interview with VA CEO, Stephen Fitzpatrick, located on the business/private investor media website, Bezinga, as part of its series “SPACs Attack”. Questions come from co-hosts Mitch Hoch and Chris Katje.

Watch Video (7.15’–33.20’)

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