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Watch Video: EHang 216’s South Korean Flight Tour: “A first major step towards future UAM operations”

By Chris Stonor

EHang, announced this week that its two-seater passenger AAV 216, has completed maiden flights in three South Korean locations, Seoul, Daegu, and Jeju Island. These successful trials, reports a company press release, is the beginning “to explore the UAM market in Korea.”

During these trials, EHang “brought the world’s leading UAM solution to (South) Korea,” including passenger transportation, an emergency medical service and aerial sightseeing. In Seoul, the craft took off from downtown Yeouido Island for an autonomous flight over a densely populated area.

Delivering a package containing a 119 fire emergency kit and AED materials in Daegu

The second trial was carried out in Suseong District, Daegu City, to deliver a package containing a 119 fire emergency kit and AED materials. The final one was done in Jeju Island, where the 216 flew over the coastline to demonstrate aerial sightseeing. These three flights displayed the practical use of the 216 in different situations and could lead to future UAM opportunities between EHang and South Korea.

 Seo Jeong-hyup, the Acting Mayor of Seoul, announced the city government “will strive to ensure that the human dream of safely flying can become reality for Seoul citizens, which will support the future industry of Korea.”

Meanwhile, Suseong District, located in the central urban area of Daegu city,  aims to launch more aerial routes via various stages, for the EHang 216. Kim Dae-Gweon, Mayor of Suseong District in Daegu city, explained, “To tackle the traffic congestion, we will try our best to develop UAM and turn it into a new engine for our economic development.”

Won Hee-Ryong, the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province added, “To further promote UAM development, Jeju Island is considering various measures, including the set-up of special funds and policies, fostering talents and supporting relevant enterprises. “

 The success of the first phase of EHang’s UAM Operation Plan for Korea “set another milestone in the company’s global UAM development, and further demonstrated the safety and reliability of EHang’s AAV technology.” The press release goes on to say, “The Korean flight tour lays a solid foundation for future business expansion in Korea with potential acceleration to its UAM operations.”

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(Front photo: Flying over Han River, Seoul)

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