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Watch video: EHang ends 2021 and begins 2022 in pomp and style

Chris Stonor

EHang continues to boss the eVTOL media news flow after ending 2021 in a flurry of business activity, while beginning 2022 in spectacular style.

First, on December 23rd news broke that the Chinese company had sold its first long-range VT-30 AAV to Japan and less than a week later reported a partnership with Guangzhou Development District Communications Investment Group to jointly launch the 5G Intelligent Air Mobility Experience Centre at the Innovation Park in Huangpu District, Guangzhou, China.


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Meanwhile, Aviation Week nominated EHang the top spot in its “Technology Highlights of 2021” list for the introduction of its VT-30 beating contenders like Embraer and Ampaire, while the Economist in a major series called “The World Ahead” that looks at emerging technologies for 2022, mentions EHang under the heading Flying Electric Taxis.



Then, on New Year’s Eve, EHang played an integral role in a spectacular display over Hong Kong combining both fireworks and the company’s drone light show that is becoming a major business and growth area for the Chinese company.

While, the EHang share price may be taking a beating, the company’s medium to long-term growth remains on course.

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