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Watch Video: “Introducing Prosperity 1”, AutoFlight’s new eVTOL

By Chris Stonor

Leading on from yesterday’s UAMN article where the Chinese company, AutoFlight, is highlighted –  below is a link to a 4.44’ video introducing the company’s new eVTOL aircraft Prosperity 1.

The YouTube blurb says, “Welcome to our Prosperity I – a new AIR TAXI (with a range of 250km) that will be ready for passenger transport by 2025.”

Tian Yu

The video features interviews with Tian Yu (AutoFlight CEO & founder) and Mark Henning (AutoFlight, MD, Europe) talking about the eVTOL and discuss plans “to unlock the skies for mass individual transport.”

Well worth a watch.

Watch Video:


Below is a brief video showing Prosperity 1 and its first transition trial from vertical to horizontal flight, with the front propellors stopping to allow the rear ones to begin driving it forward.

Watch Video:


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