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Watch Video: Lilium shows off latest test flight, “accolades from social media”

By Chris Stonor

Lilium uploaded this week a 2.30’ video of its most recent test flight of a fifth generation demonstrator Jet aimed to gather data while climbing, turning and descending at 40kts. The video has generated a chorus of approval from social media.

Muuip writes on YouTube, “Quiet engine with redundancy and safer to be around the wings outside than models with open propellers,” while Adam King adds, “Incredible piece of engineering!” The quiet sound of the Jet particularly impresses viewers.

Other feedback includes Simon Carter who says, “Good to see the flight envelope expanding and I like the cockpit feed. It’s fascinating to get a passengers perspective of the flying Jet.”

On safety, Xevious2501 points out, “Two words, no rotors. Lilium Jet sees close proximity operations without any notable threat to bystanders even under power. Lilium’s brilliant design at least to me, is no less than a generation or two ahead of the competition.” And Robin K concludes, “About the power source, this would come in handy for getting rid of leaves in my garden!”

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