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Watch video: Mainstream media show “increasing interest in drone industry”

By Chris Stonor

The UKs BBC service is, perhaps, the best-known media outlet in the world. So, when the Corporation shows interest in drones, you know the Industry is not only making “airwaves”, but “taking-off” BIG time.

Back in April, the BBC first offered drones its stamp of approval when the company’s prime-time TV news channel reported on the NHS trials of Coronavirus PPE and general medical kits being delivered by drone from Southampton to the Isle of Wight, using extensive film footage to support the event alongside the all-important  background information. Yet, this was local news to the UK.

This week the Corporation posted a video on its highly popular worldwide website of the Lilium Jet vertically taking off and then flying away. (In March, for example, the site gained 1.5 billion page views and 61 million video views.)

Yet, Lilium is a German-based company at the forefront of the flying taxi revolution. This can only be another sign that the most influential of the mainstream media (MSM) is not only embracing the industry, but giving a signal that the future of unmanned craft is ripe for its attention.

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