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Watch Video: Volocopter’s latest addition to its eVTOL fleet – “the VoloConnect”

By Chris Stonor

Volocopter released a new video this week highlighting a first glimpse of a new addition “to its aircraft family”, the VoloConnect “that will enhance city-suburb connections and beyond in urban areas around the world.” The company explains, “To complement our VoloCity and VoloDrone, the VoloConnect will provide greater mobility for longer routes in a safe, seamless, and sustainable way.”

The video has been well received on social media. For example,  Sammy writes, “Great design. Lots of redundancy. Forward winged flight coupled with VTOL gives much greater range where needed. VTOL only is great for smaller hops. I will always be a fan of Volocopter because you guys were the first to put on a helmet, sit on an exercise ball and hold on for dear life. You guys are the Wright brothers of electric VTOL.” Others describe it as “wonderful” and “an amazing design” while Onewing says, “Amazing aircraft, love the V-tail…or would you rather call it gullwing?”

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