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Who are the “top 10 key players“ in today’s eVTOL industry?

By Chris Stonor

Website published a story this week covering the ever-popular “Top 10” of the key players, presently involved in the emerging eVTOL industry. As expected Joby Aviation maintains its No.1 status with, a little surprisingly, Kittyhawk and Beta Technologies getting a look in. The other seven are the usual suspects.

Written by Glenn Zorpette and Evan Ackerman, this media outlet is building a reputation for well-researched and knowledgeable articles on the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) subject.

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The two journos point out that some 250 companies (shouldn’t that be 350?) are working toward what they hope to be a revolution in urban transportation and write, “If the vision becomes reality, hundreds of eVTOLs will swarm over the skies of a big city during a typical rush hour, whisking small numbers of passengers at per-kilometre costs no greater than those of driving a car.”

SMG Consulting and its controversial Advanced Air Mobility Reality Index is mentioned with quotes from Founder Sergio Cecutta, a former executive at Honeywell and Danaher. Then, each of the top 10 eVTOL companies are offered a brief synopsis.

Worth a look.

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