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Wisk Aero, “No.1 for eVTOL patent data”, how does that affect Archer?

By Chris Stonor

If patent data “rows your boat” then Wisk is No.1 of the eVTOL patent chart, says Kolin Schunck from the Aerial Mobility at Lufthansa Innovation Hub. He explains in a Linkedin post that “Wisk Aero is the current technology leader in the air taxi space.”

He goes on, “While both EHang and Kitty Hawk are the most active innovators, measured by patent portfolio size, their respective Technology Relevance score, which is below average, signals a lack of technological relevance.”

And continues, “This may be explained by increasing obsolescence of their protected IP or by following a flooding patent strategy, where every single invention (regardless of relevance) is patented to create headaches for other players in the field.”

Kolin Schunck

It appears that, overall, a high Technology Relevance appears more important than a large patent portfolio as research studies show firms with a strong technical impact, but lower patent activity, prove to be more successful in terms of financial performance than those that focus “on mass instead of class.”

“On the Technology Relevance (start-up) front”, says Schunck, “We see Joby Aviation, Volocopter and Lilium with the strongest performance. Based on the fact that these firms received more forward citations over time from later patents by others, we can conclude that they have come up with breakthrough technology, which seem to be very relevant for other players in the same technology field.”

Given the present on-going lawsuit between Wisk and Archer, this intriguing patent insight may offer further light on how the trial, if it comes to court, may go. The leading patent holder, the eVTOL company “with the mostest,” it seems more possible that Archer has infringed on at least one, if not more, and that Wisk can exploit this.

For, only Wisk Aero (a joint venture between Boeing and Kitty Hawk) is able to offer a large portfolio in combination with a high Technology Relevance score, positioning the start-up as the current technology leader.

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