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AgEagle Aerial Systems announces acquisition of MicaSense for USD23 million

By Chris Stonor

AgEagle, a U.S. Kansas-based drone systems and solutions provider, announced this week it has agreed to acquire MicaSense from Parrot, a European leading drone group, in a combined cash and stock transaction valued at USD23 million, reports a press release.

Based in Seattle, Washington, MicaSense was founded in 2014 and is at the forefront of advanced drone sensor development. Over the last six years, the company has formed partnerships with several leading fixed wing and multicopter drone manufacturers, including DraganFly, SenseFly, Quantum-Systems and Wingtra.

The release states, “MicaSense’s patented, high precision thermal and multispectral sensors serve the aerial mapping and analytics needs of the agriculture market, and are well positioned to address applications in advanced inspection in the energy and insurance sectors and autonomous flight safety for package delivery, among other solutions.”

It continues, “MicaSense’s high performance proprietary products, including Altum, RedEdge-MX, RedEdge-MX Blue and Atlas Flight have global distribution in 70 countries.”

AgEagle’s CEO, J. Michael Drozd, said, “Joining forces with MicaSense will empower AgEagle to drive true innovation and advancements of commercial drone systems and solutions for a number of high growth industry segments.” The acquisition should Propel AgEagle’s growth.

He continued, “With the onboarding of MicaSense’s powerful imaging technologies onto a drone designed for package delivery, we believe it will enable us to produce a turnkey solution that processes in-flight data in real-time.”

And added, “This will allow for drones to effectively assess emergency landing zones, confirm and substantiate successful deliveries and determine proximity warnings, among other important considerations.“

Justin McAllister, Co-Founder and CTO of MicaSense, commented, “MicaSense’s industry-leading solutions, along with the cultural alignment of our two organizations, will allow AgEagle to continue emerging as a dominant player in the commercial drone industry. “

Barrett Mooney, Chairman of AgEagle, added, “The strategic union of our strengths, complementary technological expertise and shared industry experience should position us well to capitalise on and benefit from growing demand for drone-enabled solutions capable of materially improving how businesses operate.”

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