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Aquiline Drones starts manufacturing Drone Volt’s “Made in U.S.”

By Chris Stonor

Aquiline Drones has started now manufacturing Drone Volt’s Hercules 2 and the Altura Zenith in America as a part of a five-year partnership announced in October. This allows Drone Volt to service the US market without the need for building its own factory, reports

Drone Volt is a French company that produces professional civilian drones with on-board AI and cutting edge computing. The Hercules 2 and the Altura Zenith drones have been rebranded for the American market as the Spartacus MACKS and Spartacus HURRICANE. Aquiline Drones has exclusive rights to manufacture, sell, and distribute them.

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Barry Alexander, Chairman & CEO of Aquiline Drones, explained, “Growing data security concerns over foreign-manufactured technology, mainly from China, has created an immediate need for increased drone production capacity in the United States. Our goal is to not only position our country as a leader in the multi-billion-dollar global drone industry but also, to re-establish America’s manufacturing dominance.”

He added, “This is in perfect harmony with our company’s powerful strategic vision of making Connecticut the drone capital of the nation.”

Barry Alexander

Aquiline Drones has a team of 25 top professionals working in a new 7,000 sq.ft manufacturing and assembly laboratory. The output is expected to double in the weeks ahead to keep up with demand.

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