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DHL Express Malaysia co-operates with Aerodyne for drone delivery service

By Chris Stonor

DHL Express Malaysia has announced its co-operation with the Aerodyne Group to explore the potential of commercial delivery drones, reports a press release. As part of this partnership, the two companies will spotlight on smart logistic solutions for Malaysia’s  life sciences and maritime industries.

The two companies also aim to examine drone deliveries for a diverse range of industries within Malaysia to improve efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint. This includes delivering medical supplies and other goods to vessels sailing in the Malaccan Straits.

Julian Neo, MD of DHL Express Malaysia and Brunei, said, “The fourth industrial revolution requires constant innovative approaches to meet evolving demand and ensure future-ready supply chains. This is where drones and robotics can play a role. Drone technology has a vital role to play in the future of logistics, especially for businesses in Malaysia.”

This new first of its kind business in Southeast Asia will allow the drone industry to grow rapidly. The region will be the base for many drone companies in the area and is expected to bring in around 1,000 high-value jobs by 2025.

Aerodyne Group Founder and Group CEO, Kamarul A Muhamed, commented, “In tandem with the global rise of drone delivery, our partnership with DHL Express is timely, as well as technically and commercially viable in Malaysia and beyond. This collaboration will also heighten our advocacy efforts worldwide for supportive regulations on drone services and spur more breakthroughs in our advanced drone and data tech.”

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