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Eve, Avantto to develop UAM operations in Brazil and Latin America

By Chris Stonor

Eve Urban Air Mobility and Avantto (Aviation Management Services) announced this week a Letter of Intention (LOT) aimed at developing the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) ecosystem in Latin America, reports a press release. This partnership includes an order for 100 of Eve’s eVTOL aircraft, as well as a collaboration to develop a new eVTOL operation in Brazil and across Latin America. Deliveries are expected to begin in 2026.

The developments will focus on critical aspects of the passenger experience in order to design for all users, including how to maximise accessibility and inclusiveness in vertiports and eVTOL boarding operations.

Andre Stein, President and CEO of Eve, commented, “Avantto has been a great partner for Embraer Executive Jets, and we are reinforcing this bond with a shared focus on sustainability in this next generation of transportation. We will work together to make sure we continue our mission to democratise aviation through increasing accessibility and affordability.”

Rogério Andrade

Rogério Andrade, CEO and Founder of Avantto, added, “For more than a decade, Avantto has uniquely developed software, systems and procedures enabling the company to offer 24/7 on-call flight services for short-haul intra-city helicopter transportation to its hundreds of active members. This exclusive know-how will be one of the principal pillars of the urban air mobility ecosystem developed by the EVE/Avantto partnership.”


Avantto is the largest Embraer operator in Latin America for private aviation. With a portfolio of over 400 active users, Avantto does an average of 1,400 monthly take-offs (for both jets and helicopters) and flies over 850,000km per year.

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