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HyPoint, Piasecki Aircraft collaborate over development of eVTOL hydrogen fuel cell system

By Chris Stonor

HyPoint and Piasecki Aircraft are collaborating on the development of a hydrogen fuel cell system for eVTOL aircraft that may provide four times the energy density of existing batteries, twice the power of existing hydrogen fuel cell systems and… a 50 percent reduction in operating costs, reports

The partnership, valued at USD6.5 million, first focuses on the augmentation of five 650kW hydrogen fuel cell systems for integration in Piasecki’s eVTOL PA-890 Compound Helicopter.

Alex Ivanenko

Alex Ivanenko, founder and CEO of HyPoint, commented, “The arrival of eVTOLs and similar craft has been hindered by the technical limitations of existing power systems. Our new strategic partnership aims to accelerate delivery timelines by equipping eVTOL manufacturers with next-generation hydrogen fuel cell systems that meet their unique needs.”

He added, “Together, HyPoint and Piasecki are to expand the emerging eVTOL industry by delivering a certified multiplatform solution.”

Piasecki will retain exclusive rights to the fuel system in the PA-890, but both look to develop new customisable systems for purchase that may be utilised in other eVTOL aircraft platforms. These systems will be able to achieve 2,000 watts per kilogram of specific power, and have up to 1,500 watt-hours per kilogram of energy density.

John Piasecki

John Piasecki, President and CEO of Piasecki, said, “Success will pave the way for collaboration with other eVTOL OEMs with different platform sizes to ensure broad application of this technology. Our objective is to develop full-scale systems within two years to support on-aircraft certification testing in 2024 and fulfil existing customer orders for up to 325 units starting in 2025.”

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