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Hyundai UAM collaborates with ANRA on traffic management systems

By Chris Stonor

The Hyundai Urban Air Mobility Division has announced a new collaboration with ANRA Technologies to “start developing an operating environment” for the advanced air mobility (AAM) industry, reports a press release.

Hyundai’s vision of urban air mobility (UAM) is based around the idea of interconnected mobility solutions.  This concept includes flying cars which they refer to as Personal Air Vehicles (PAVs), purpose built ground-based vehicles (PBVs) and a hub, which would link both air-based and ground-based vehicles alongside their passengers.

The release says, “Based on three interconnected mobility solutions, Hyundai aims to free future cities and people from the constraints of time and distance and allow them to inject more opportunities into their day-to-day.”

Pamela Cohn

This new partnership with ANRA is the beginning of an industry consortium that Hyundai plans to establish to create the AAM operating system.  ANRA is to provide “strategic insight on this concept of operations (ConOps)” for AAM airspace management and ground mobility integration.  The release goes on, “The two companies will also identify research opportunities to help inform regulatory decisions and advance infrastructure projects.”

Pamela Cohn, COO and Chief U.S. General Manager, of the Hyundai UAM division commented, “We are pleased to partner with ANRA Technologies to begin building toward the safe and efficient integration of AAM into existing airspace. As an emerging mobility solution, it is critical diverse parties work together to co-create the AAM ecosystem, including its necessary digital and physical infrastructure. ANRA brings a unique background of operational history in the drone services sector that will help define the operating environment for all AAM vehicles.”

Amit Ganjoo

Amit Ganjoo, founder and CEO, ANRA Technologies, added, “ANRA’s SmartSkies family of airspace management solutions have been proven worldwide and provide the critical support required for complex AAM operations at scale.” Continuing, “We take a long-term view in everything we do as a company and are looking forward to integrating our advanced technologies with the Urban Air Mobility Division of Hyundai Motor Group’s AAM ecosystem and sharing our knowledge and experience to ensure the success of our partnership and help move our industry safely forward.”

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