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NEXA Capital and i5 Services announce AAM supply chain consortium

By Chris Stonor

U.S NEXA Capital and i5 Services announced last week the formation and funding of a national consortium of American companies and organisations to develop and launch an Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) supply chain, reports a company press release. This group will be led by i5.

AAM is a multi-trillion dollar emerging aerospace sector engaged in a highly competitive race to achieve technological superiority and market dominance with eVTOL aircraft. For the U.S to stay in and lead this race, it must harness America’s innovative scientific, technical, production and capital market strengths across products and services unique to AAM.

The goal of the consortium will be “to apply its expertise in advanced aerospace systems, eVTOL technologies, manufacturing, electronic exchange platforms, business process improvement and supply chain optimisation to aid the U.S UAM/AAM sector to maintain its leadership.”

To assist a rapid advancement of AAM Aircraft, the consortium is “to use the powerful CONNEX electronic exchange platform which links American eVTOL developers to a wide range of local and national suppliers in areas such as:-

: Motors, propellors and power control systems

: Energy storage systems including lithium ion and hydrogen fuel cells

: Composites and aerodynamic structures

: Software, command and control AI

: Traffic management systems

: Avionics including flight control, radio and inertial navigation, surveillance, air to ground communications, and pilot assistance

: Improved Heliport safety systems

The CONNEX platform “will use an integrated national approach to supply chain management and will also address national security concerns, keeping US intellectual property firmly in the hands of U.S industry as well as attracting more private investment.”

Air Mobility Connex currently has thousands of U.S companies supplying sectors including aerospace and defence, aviation and more. Additional companies will be added over the weeks ahead resulting in close to 25,000 AAM companies by the end of May.

The system will be hosted by i5 Services and the Vertical Flight Society. The consortium will also be supported by experts drawn from Apicem Analytics and Crown Consulting.

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