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South Korea: Doosan Mobility Innovation sign agreement with ParaZero for drone parachute integration

By Chris Stonor

South Korea’s Doosan Mobility Innovation (DMI) has signed a deal this week with ParaZero’s parent company, Delta Drone, for parachutes to be integrated into DMI’s DS30 range of drones, reports

The deal will see ParaZero’s “SafeAir parachute system” to make DMI’s DS30 hydrogen craft safer and compliant for test flights over people from the factory. ParaZero is expected to generate USD150,000 for R&D and testing and ASTM F3322-18 certification.

A parachute is required for all complex flights, especially those that fly over the public. ParaZero’s system can be used worldwide and is certified by the FAA, AESA, EASA, CAAI, and Transport Canada.

Christopher Clark

Parent company, Delta Drone CEO, Christopher Clark, said, “We are delighted to welcome Doosan as a strategic partner to enhance the safety of their unique hydrogen fuel cell-powered DS30 drone by integrating our industry-leading SafeAir parachute technology.”

He continued, “The challenge has always been ensuring that drones can safely fly in urban environments. We believe that as OEMs see the commercial and regulatory benefits of designing the highest level of safety into their product design, Delta Drone International will continue playing a leading role in helping the drone industry ensure safety.”

Soonsuk Roh, Doosan Mobility’s business development manager, added, “Ensuring our DS30 not only complies but exceeds, the most stringent safety standards set by the world’s civil aviation regulators is a key differentiator for our rollout of what we believe is an industry-leading endurance drone.”The drone won the CES 2020 Best of Innovation award.

The DS30 drone from Doosan Mobility Innovation employs a hydrogen fuel cell to give it a flight time of 120 minutes and carry a 5 kg payload. The drone can be folded down to pack into a small carrier and supports DJI’s Zenmuse series of payloads and Sony’s cameras.

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