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Volatus Aerospace, FIXAR collaborate in North America with USD1 million deal

By Chris Stonor

Volatus Aerospace, a provider of unmanned aircraft and drone services, are to manufacture annually up to 1,200 units of the FIXAR VTOL drone within its new facility at the Lake Simcoe Regional Airport in Oro, Ontario, Canada, reports a press release. Volatus’ Canadian contribution to the venture, including production site set-up, business development and technical support is estimated to total approximately USD1 million.

Recently approved for flight by Transport Canada, this hybrid UAV is capable of moving between vertical and forward flight, taking advantage of the lifting power of an airfoil to fly forward with greater efficiency than a quadcopter or fixed-wing drones.

Glen Lynch, CEO of Volatus Aerospace, explained, “The clue is in its name, as FIXAR stands for Fixed Angle Rotors. That means the position of the motors does not change when the aircraft transitions.” He continued, “It’s a patented design and allows the aircraft to seamlessly transition between vertical and forward flight. The increased range of the unit can be really useful when you want to inspect something longer, like a pipeline or road, for example.”

This agreement strengthens FIXAR`s position in the North American market as Volatus’ 10 years experience of unmanned technologies ensures leading customer service and tech support to end users.

Volatus has nine offices around the world and a team of 112 drone operators, which to date has implemented 29,000 missions within industrial sectors, and a total of 19,000 flight hours with a fleet of 140 different drones.

Yulia Druzhnikova, FIXAR Director of Global Expansion, said, “Volatus Aerospace offers everything that we require in a strategic partner. They are opening a first-class manufacture centre; they have depth of expertise for advanced and BVLOS pilot and operational training; they offer distribution coast-to-coast in Canada and have recently opened operations in the USA.”

Volatus Aerospace Drones

While demonstration flights and product are available immediately, the first off the Candian product line is the FIXAR 007. This configuration, in conjunction with its two-kilogram (4.4 lb) payload capacity and swappable payload module, allows for a variety of applications including mapping/photogrammetry, laser scanning (LiDAR), last-mile delivery, precision agriculture and infrastructure monitoring.

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