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Watch video: BON V Aero, India’s new cargo drone

By Chris Stonor

 India has a new cargo drone in the offing from company BON V (BV), reports Linkedin. The company says the drone “provides logistical solutions for high altitude and challenging terrain and is capable of carrying up to 200 KGs of cargo for 40 kilometres.”

Satyabrata Satapathy, CEO and Founder, commented, “It’s going to be a game changer in aerial mobility and logistics scenario and it redefines how people think about flying through the skies and reaching to the remotest location and delivering needs.”

Satyabrata Satapathy

He continued, “BON V is enabling carbon-free smart aerial mobility bringing new dimensions to speed safety and sustainability in goods and people transportation. Come and feel like a bird with the power of wings to fly!”

To see and hear more about BV please watch the video below.

Watch video:


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