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Drone light show with a macabre difference

By Chris Stonor

 We all know about the increasing use of drones as entertainment in the guise of light shows, where countries consistently out do each other with the numbers of craft used and the spectacular images produced. Yet, with Guy Fawkes Night tomorrow, instead of the usual fireworks display more and more councils and event organisers are employing drone light shows as a replacement, to avoid scaring pets and the general noise pollution emitted.

Yet, similar to Guy Fawkes night, in particular throughout Latin America, is the Día de los Muertos or the Day of the Dead. This is an annual celebration and holiday on November 1st. The event is most associated with Mexico where the tradition originated.

On Monday, a stunning drone light show was on display over Ciudad De Mexico that included this creation of a skull. (see pic at top of page).

Scott Bateman

Scott Bateman MBE of the charity, Blue Heart Foundation, tweets, “This is awesome. Fireworks are so last year. This is the future.”

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