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FREE CIVATAglobal Webinar 19th May: “European Local Authorities and the UAM Challenge Series”

By Chris Stonor

CIVATAglobal has organised its 4th FREE webinar for the 19th May. Entitled “European Local Authorities and the UAM Challenge” (Aligning Global Best Practices in Community Engagement), the webinar is an hour long and will again be moderated by CIVATAglobal Director General, Andrew Charlton.

The company press release says, “This latest CIVATAglobal webinar will bring together representatives seeking to build bridges between local communities and the UAM/AAM sector.” And goes on, “They will discuss common problems of understanding the exact roles of local communities in this new industry, the two-way education process that will be required, how best to build bridges between these two groups and the benefits and challenges that local authorities can expect and need to address when considering developing UAM and AAM programme.”

The webinar aims to address the following questions:-

Are there common principles to best-practice community engagement – or is every community and city different?

: What part can associations play building bridges between communities and industry?

What lessons have we learnt so far and what should be the next steps?

How should local authorities develop industry knowledge and competencies?

Speakers include:

: Yolanka Wulff, Executive Director, CAMI (‘What have we learnt so far from Industry/Local Authority Transportation Agency collaboration on Urban Air Mobility/Advanced Air Mobility?’

: JR Hammond, Executive Director, CAAM (‘Diversity and inclusion as a vital ingredient of success’)

: Mariya Tarabanovska, Co-Founder, Flight Crowd (‘Engaging the public and educating school and college students’)

: Greg Tyrell, Executive Director, AAUS (‘Ensuring integration of aviation industry and Urban Air Mobility new entrant actors’)

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