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Listen to Aviation Week Podcast: Will the UAM market grow to USD50 billion a year?

By Chris Stonor

Aviation Week’s, Joe Anselmo, hosts a fascinating discussion about the future of Urban Air Mobility (UAM). The panellists include  Richard Aboulafia (MD at Aerodynamic Advisory) and Mike Dyment (Founder and MD at capital investment company, NEXA) to discuss the merits in this 30-minute podcast.

Mike Dyment

Mike Dyment says “putting aside the present hype”, he doesn’t believe the UAM market will take more than a 5 percent slice of the airline industry, yet given in 2019 the latter had a USD838 billion turnover, 5 percent could lead to a potential USD50 billion turnover by 2050. “There is a lot of money to be made in the coming years,” says Dyment. “A lot of smart finance is flowing into this emerging market. It is very exciting.” Certainly, the financial figure is a lot less than Morgan Stanley’s prediction of USD1.5 trillion.

Richard Aboulafia

Worth a listen.



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