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Read report: Embry Riddle Engineering 26 page document on “Opening The Skies to UAM”

By Chris Stonor

The Embry Riddle Aeronautical University has compiled a 26 page document under the guise of its Engineering Department, looking at the emerging industry of short range air travel over an urban area entitled: Opening The Skies to UAM, reports a press release. As a leading Aerospace and Aviation Institution, Embry-Riddle plays an important role in the fast growing industry’s R&D via its Eagle Flight Research Centre.

Maj Mirmirania, The University’s Dean of the Engineering College, commented, “Embry-Riddle continues to push the envelope on autonomy and eVTOL technology, both critical for the realisation of UAM. I hope you enjoy reading about the advancements we have made in this emerging industry.”

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