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Watch Zoom Webinar: “Sharing the Air: EU and US efforts to integrate commercial drones into civilian airspace”

By Chris Stonor

The overview of this interesting and well worth watching webinar, states, “Aviation is undergoing a technological revolution, from the proliferation of drones of all sizes designed for commercial use to the promise of new, innovative, highly automated aircraft to transport passengers and cargo, including electric and vertical takeoff and landing aircraft.”

It goes on, “Government authorities are revising existing regulations and devising new ones to ensure that these new forms of flight can safely share the air with traditional airliners and smaller aircraft carrying people.”

Moderator Rick Whittle

The Zoom Webinar poses the questions: “How can air traffic management (ATM) be integrated with unmanned air traffic management (UTM)? What new aviation rules for drones are already in place? What new rules are just over the horizon?”

Those involved in this one hour, thirty one minute “chat” include impressive and respected senior policymakers from U.S and European aviation authorities, the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Washington, D.C. and the Wilson Center’s Science and Technology Innovation Program (STIP).

Watch Zoom Webinar:


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