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Zoom Interview with “trailblazing woman” in Africa’s drone industry, Sonet Kock

By Chris Stonor

As part of a series entitled “Trailblazing Women in the African Drone Industry”, by Drones.R.Africa, Sonet Kock is interviewed by Louise Jupp.

Highlights of this “particular chat” include:

: What attracted Kock to the drone industry (02:50​)

: Opportunities for girls and women (27:01​)

: Challenges Kock has faced (34:54​)

: Kock’s thoughts on the drone scene for women in Africa (42:48​)

: Advice Kock would offer anyone looking at this industry (50:30​ – 52:12​)

Other topics discussed are the importance of being involved in workgroups for drone regulations and frameworks, the future of the South Africa drone regulations and the African Drone Forum.

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