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A new partnership formed so drones can launch from autonomous vehicles

By Chris Stonor

A new partnership between the Australian Stealth Technologies and U.S-based Planck AeroSystems companies will see drones placed on-board autonomous security vehicles (ASV) for military and security uses, reports asiapacificdefensereporter.com. The two will become a team to detect, track, and report back on threats without the need for a human to be in the line of fire.

The ASV, constructed by Stealth Technologies in collaboration with Honeywell, “is equipped with a high-power zoom camera, a two-way telecom, alert lights, and an object tracking system for use in the defence, energy communications, utilities, transport, and government sectors.”

This specialised vehicle can drive up to eight hours on a battery charge and travel during night and day. The ground-based drone is equipped with obstacle avoidance systems, point-to-point navigation and emergency brakes.

The drone’s attachment to the ASV allows its range to be increased, where the surveillance potential is greatly improved. The craft’s flight speed also means security threats can be determined at a much faster rate, with the ASV being the reinforcement arriving a short time afterwards. Meanwhile, the autonomous control engine (ACE) from Planck AeroSystems allow the drones to automatically take off and land from a moving vehicle without any human assistance.

The ASV was originally built for the Western Australian Department of Justice to secure the perimeter of the Astern Goldfields Regional Prison in Kalgoorlie. The initial term of the collaboration is six months, where the Parties will explore commercial, industrial, and defense applications as well as other opportunities.

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(News Source: https://asiapacificdefencereporter.com)

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