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Manta Aircraft: One to look out for in 2021

By Chris Stonor

On November 19th, Urban Air Mobility News (UAMN) published its first story about the Swiss-based company Manta Aircraft and its hybrid HeVSTOL-powered Ann Series. The article was followed by another, one week later.



Compared to some aeronautical visions of the future, the graphics show a craft in the making of being not only sleek in design and proportion, but beautiful to the eye. From the one-seater ‘racer’ to the two-seater personal use or utility variant, the craft has a zing, even a pizzazz about it. Agreed, the vast majority of start-ups never surpass the final hurdles to market or the sales required to keep investors on-board, but Manta is definitely one company to follow during 2021.

Development of the two-seater ANN 2 is progressing smoothly. During December, the company tweeted on the 6th, a photo portraying the demonstrator craft and the words, “Showing off its exciting lines. Another development step of the demonstrator being readied for flight tests at the airfield.”

This was followed up last week by two interior photos of the Ann 2. The company tweeted, “Manta interior promises a premium design, highest quality materials, a cockpit with pilot’s wide view and an easy-to-use human machine interface.”

And more interesting, “Any customer’s wishes can be individually considered in the future production.” So, the company are now moving into the realms of deluxe cars, offering bespoke, custom-made features.

UAMN looks forward to covering further developments during 2021.

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