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Drones may soon be delivering products to rural communities across UK

By Chris Stonor

The UK Department for Transport launched last week a research project known as A Call For Evidence to help develop the government’s Future of Transport: Rural Strategy, which looks at how the benefits of transport innovation can be enjoyed by everyone, including those living and working in rural areas, reports

This Call For Evidence will examine how to bring services and communities into the 21st century by improving transport reliability and connectivity in people’s everyday lives. This includes drone delivery as well as digital mapping for easy walking and cycling routes.

Transport Minister, Rachel Maclean, explained that the government is “challenging business and transport groups to help revolutionise travel in the UK’s towns, villages and hard-to-reach areas.” She said, “Now more than ever, it is important that we use the power of transport to build back greener, and transform how people and goods move around the UK.”

Opportunities for drone deliveries in rural and more isolated towns and villages is one important area of exploration. Drone deliveries could cut down the transportation time and reduce pollution, allowing rural locations to becoming a trailblazer for low-carbon distribution.

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