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Manna Aero: Ambitious start-up seeks Irish town for exciting new partnership – “drones are go!”

 By Chris Stonor

Bobby Healy, Founder and CEO of Manna Aero, wrote a post at the weekend, advertising for a new Irish town willing to participate in the company’s latest drone delivery trial. Is Oranmore “being dropped” or is Manna expanding its number of townships?

Headed “Seismic news!” the tweet says, “Manna Aero are in the process of selecting our next Irish Town to operate in. If you’d like us to bring drone delivery to your area you can register your eircode in our app (and track our live flights)”

Healy then offers a link:

This tweet poses an obvious question. Surely, the company should approach a town’s local council rather than its people directly? I am sure there will be urban areas queuing up, after the success of Oranmore.

Healy ends the tweet: “Spread the message folks!”

In response, one reader then tweeted, “Idea for a low budget Irish movie. A vengeful rural postman drives around shooting down drones to try to stop technology making his job obsolete. DMs open. Serious money offers only.”

Ah, but that’s the downside of the ruthless march of progress.

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