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UK: Study shows Scilly Islands drone freight service met with “overwhelming support and enthusiasm”

By Chris Stonor

A recent study of the ongoing UK Scilly Islands drone freight service has been met with “overwhelming support and enthusiasm,” reports a press release. Key community businesses involved were interviewed in late December by research agency PFA, citing this service as a potential “game-changer” and a way of improving connection to the islands.

The Steamship Group has been working with drone company, Flylogix, and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) on this pioneering trial since 2020, to deliver freight to the islands using unmanned aircraft. Last year the project was awarded UKP200,000 grant funding by Aerospace Cornwall.

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The objective is to research the benefits that drones can provide to the Scilly Islands including the saving of time as well as the environmental advantages. The project team consisting of members from both Steamship Group and Flylogix, are working closely with the CAA and aim to deliver a further series of flight trials later this year.

The release explains, “The consultation, the first of a two-phase process, was carried out to determine opinions, requirements, and the usage of a drone service to the islands.” It goes on, “Potential requirements for such a service identified in the consultation includes flights in high wind and fog, the possibility of both ad-hoc and routine flights, and the possible reliability and time saving such a service could provide.”

Stakeholders seek a regular and reliable drone service that can provide an additional enhancement to existing air and sea freight services, with the aim of being able to operate in poor weather conditions.

The next phase of consultation is with the Island inhabitants. This will take place in the coming months. If interested in the next round of consultation or simply require information on the Project, please contact:

email: gfarrington@issg.co.uk

For more information



(Photos: Flylogix)

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